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financial leadership


Kenworth Capital provides both direct investment capital as well top-tier merchant banking services based on decades of structuring and funding some of the largest and most complex international and domestic transactions around the world. Our commitment is based upon three cornerstones: Integrity, Experience and Execution.


In addition to investing for its own account, Kenworth Capital provides a full range of capital enchancement, joint venture, merger, acquisition, sale, and divestiture advice, as well as the active management of the complex process required to buy and sell assets, subsidiaries, or entire companies. Kenworth Capital also provides clients access to the international capital markets through its capabilities in originating, structuring, and placing financing in a broad range of markets worldwide. In cases where a strategic alliance or joint venture is deemed to be most appropriate, we know how to identify and develop the best partnership or alliance structure, and how to assist management in the development of strategies aimed at ensuring the new enterprise will perform well once the deal is closed.

Another advantage of working with Kenworth Capital is management's extensive experience in negotiating terms of complex international transactions. Kenworth Capital brings to its clients a set of negotiating skills that can significantly impact deal terms and drive real improvements in the value our clients are able to achieve from any given transaction.